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I'm curious: It just kind of seems like the MC and all other characters are bisexual haha which is awesome, but still I'm starting to think that Penny and Barnaby are like the "main" dating options. There's been a lot of opportunities to say that you fancy Penny and I'm grateful for that probably because she's one of the most popular characters, but after the Crushed sidequest and now the Ball, I feel like Barnaby is showing his feelings for MC. Even when you tell Ismelda that he's only a friend, she doesn't believe it.

And if I'm not remembering wrong, there was one potions lesson where Merula says she told everyone you like Barnaby. In my experience, as a bi girl, I like that they are giving us options and not forcing us to play as straights. I hope we can get more romantic content in the future! Playing the Crushed and Celestial Ball side quests made me unreasonably happy haha. I wish I had had a game like this when I was a kid but I'm glad I have it now and that other kids do too: You know, I agree everybody is bi in this game , but I never really thought of it from a programming perspective.

Good point! If you watch the last scene from the celestial ball, there are loads of people dancing with someone of the same sex. If this is just as friends or all as a date is to be seen. But it does seem that the whole school is bisexual indeed. I guess the game just makes everyone bisexual.


As unrealistic as that is, it makes sense when making a video game because otherwise it would be harder to program and people will complain. I feel like they will likely leave it open like this. About Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc. About Portkey Games: Portkey Games, from Warner Bros.

Interactive Entertainment, is a games label dedicated to creating gaming experiences inspired by the magic and adventures of J. Rowling's Wizarding world. These new games allow players to explore, discover and be at the center of their very own wizarding world adventure. About the Harry Potter Series: Harry Potter continues to be a global phenomenon. Each of the seven books by author J.

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Rowling has broken sales records, with the series to date having sold over million copies worldwide and translated into 80 languages. The Harry Potter films, produced by Warner Bros.

Harry potter hogwarts mystery gay dating

Developed by Jam City. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. Rowling and Warner Bros. My Hogwarts student looks the same too! The moneygrubbing is annoying! The mechanics are a little repetitive!

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I have a lot of feelings about this! I quite like the dueling mechanic — it breaks up the classes monotony, and I am enjoying the story thus far, though I wish Rowan was less Hermione-lite and obviously a ravenclaw and Ben was less Neville-lite and your story choices actually mattered.

I also really like the spell casting aspect, though I wish you could do it more on command instead of just when you are prompted to by the task you are currently doing. Anyway, I agree with everything.

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So much so that I uninstalled the game. These tappity-tappity-tappity games? I liked the Kim Kardashian game! Thank you so much for this review that saved me having to trudge through more tediousness. The Lego one is so much fun! But yeah this one is kinda dull. My avatar is also a soft butch Hufflepuff though which is honestly the best part.

Which is not true of good visual novels; the choices and the different endings they give you and how your choices shape your character are the whole point! Also re: Not All Slytherins.

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